Together, we make Ghent even better

Ghent is already a great place to live. But citizens of Ghent always want to take the next step. They want to find out if things can be even better, healthier, safer, happier... And what if we could use technology to that end? Meet Comon! Comon focuses on the challenge 'How can we make moving through the city more enjoyable?'.

Hoe kunnen we bewegen doorheen de stad plezieriger maken?
How can we make moving through the city more enjoyable?

Comon's approach

Phase 1

Collect Challenges

Comon listens to Ghent’s society. What keeps citizens of Ghent awake at night? What is missing to make Ghent an even better city?
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Phase 2

Explore Problems

What problems do the citizens of Ghent experience? What existing solutions are there? And why is it still an issue?
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Phase 3

Generate Solutions

We brainstorm about technological solutions on a human scale. In collaboration with everyone who cares about Ghent.
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Phase 4


Time to roll up our sleeves. We create and test solutions to arrive at working prototypes.
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Phase 5

Evaluate and Learn

We evaluate our work. We talk to everyone who has contributed to Comon. Because there is always room for improvement.
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Who is Comon?

Comon is a collective of scientists, technologists, and creatives from the City of Ghent, imec, Ghent University, and Library De Krook. The goal? To make Ghent an even better city. With solutions supported by technology. How? By collecting challenges, brainstorming solutions, and testing them. Together with all citizens of Ghent.

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Jeroen Bourgonjon
Jeroen Bourgonjon
Believes that citizens of Ghent are the most wonderful people in the world. He is grateful every day he gets to work with so many brilliant minds. To come up with digital solutions for big and small issues. Effective ánd fun solutions, of course: Jeroen takes playing very seriously. In the virtual world and beyond. Jeroen is our expert in digital innovation for people and society.
Line Windey
Line Windey
Keeps Comon running with passion and drive. Switches gears hands-on with a smile to continuously make Ghent a beautiful city. Uphill or downhill. With 40 years of life experience and plenty of communication know-how, Line is your GPS when you're lost. If you can't find her at her desk, she's probably hanging out at the bar. Enthusiastically brewing plans for the next project.
Margot Bulcke
Margot Bulcke
Ensures that the activities run smoothly and that the administration is in order. Above all, she pampers everyone involved in Comon.