Phase 1

Collect Challenges

Comon listens to Ghent’s society. What keeps citizens of Ghent awake at night? What is missing to make Ghent an even better city?

Phase 1: Collect Challenges

1a) Explore Challenges

Comon continues to address the needs that the people of Ghent themselves identify. In phase 1, we gather challenges to improve life in Ghent. This includes everyone who holds Ghent dear. During the current Comon trajectory, we collected challenges to get people to move healthy through the city. 

1b) Select a Challenge

From the list of all challenges, our experts a central challenge around which Comon will set up an experiment. This choice takes into account various criteria, including the number of votes during the online public vote campaign. Other criteria include Comon's expertise, the urban nature of the challenge, the scope of the challenge, and so on.

Comon's approach

Curious how phase 1 'Collecting Challenges' fits within a complete Comon process? This timeline will get you started.

Phase 1
Collect Challenges
Phase 2
Explore Problems
Is active
Phase 3
Generate Solutions
Phase 4
Phase 5
Evaluate and Learn