Unleash the inventor in you! Join us to explore problems, create and test solutions. At Comon everyone is an inventor.

Doe mee
Uitvinden is teamwork

Uitvinden is teamwork

Hoe stel je het ideale uitvindersteam samen? Na enkele jaren van experimenteren, identificeerden we bij Comon acht uitvinderstypes. Van 'De Spreekbuis' tot 'De Fantast'. Ontdek ze hier.

Doe de test

Welk type uitvinder ben jij? Doe de test

Welke rol in het innovatieproces ligt jou het best? We schotelen je een aantal herkenbare scenario's uit films voor. Hoe zou jij reageren op de vermelde situaties? Welke heldenrol speel jij? Doe de test!

How can you participate?

Comon is an open laboratory where everyone can participate in any phase. Innovation works best when we collaborate. You can participate in different ways. Choose what suits you best or feel free to make a suggestion.

I want to share my expertise

Do you, as a researcher, entrepreneur, city employee... have an expertise in healthy movement & exercise?

I want to share my personal experience

Do you have a specific or personal experience about healthy movement & exercise you want to share?


I want to brainstorm solutions together

Do you have a creative mind, enjoy brainstorming and enjoy critically thinking about how we can encourage healthy movement?

  • Engage in a dialogue about how we can use technology to promote healthy movement & exercise. Discover our activity   

  • Co-create and brainstorm solutions together (and maybe even implement them). Discover our activity 

I want to test solutions and provide feedback

Are you interested in helping people move & exercise in a healthy way? No need for expertise or specific experience.

I want to help create prototypes

Do you have experience with rapid prototyping or an interest in learning it? And do you want to work in an interdisciplinary team to create solutions for healthy movement?

I want to become an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur or do you dream of becoming one?

  • Join a design sprint. Over a week, you work on fully developing an idea for a solution: shaping the prototype, testing it, and implementing it. You work in a team with researchers, citizens... Your team receives resources to create a working prototype and support to bring it to market or sustain it in another way. Discover how Marie does business

Do you want to participate or have a question?

Pauline De Wolf
Pauline De Wolf
Gets instantly excited when new technologies cross her path. That’s why she loves coordinating Comon so much. Exploring how technologies can make the world a better place is one of her passions. A real inquisitive mind. But beware, if you ask her to write five lines of HTML, she'll hop on her racing bike and be gone!
Jeroen Bourgonjon
Jeroen Bourgonjon
Believes that citizens of Ghent are the most wonderful people in the world. He is grateful every day he gets to work with so many brilliant minds. To come up with digital solutions for big and small issues. Effective ánd fun solutions, of course: Jeroen takes playing very seriously. In the virtual world and beyond. Jeroen is our expert in digital innovation for people and society."
Line Windey
Line Windey
Keeps Comon running with passion and drive. Switches gears hands-on with a smile to continuously make Ghent a beautiful city. Uphill or downhill. With 40 years of life experience and plenty of communication know-how, Line is your GPS when you're lost. If you can't find her at her desk, she's probably hanging out at the bar. Enthusiastically brewing plans for the next project.