Everyone is an inventor

You don't have a healthy city overnight. Therefore, this step-by-step approach of gathering challenges, exploring problems, coming up with solutions and experimenting. To do this, we need you at every stage: challenge us, help think of solutions and experiment with us.

Aanpak Comon

Comon's approach

Every Comon journey follows 5 stages. Discover them below.

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Phase 1

Collect Challenges

Comon listens to Ghent’s society. What keeps citizens of Ghent awake at night? What is missing to make Ghent an even better city?
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Phase 2

Explore Problems

What problems do the citizens of Ghent experience? What existing solutions are there? And why is it still an issue?
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Phase 3

Generate Solutions

In this phase, we brainstorm (technological) solutions, in collaboration with everyone who cares about Ghent.
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Phase 4


Time to roll up our sleeves. Everyone can be an inventor: entrepreneurs, experts, researchers, creatives...
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Phase 5

Evaluate and Learn

We evaluate our work. We talk to everyone who has contributed to Comon. Because there is always room for improvement.
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