Phase 2

Explore Problems

What problems do the citizens of Ghent experience? What existing solutions are there? And why is it still an issue?

a) Explore Problems

Before we embark on our search for solutions, we explore the selected challenge. What are the problems at hand? To find out, we consult (practitioning) experts, researchers and domain experts. What (technological) solutions already exist? And what still makes it a problem? In addition, we bring citizens together to share personal experiences during the Dialogue Tables. When is it pleasant to travel through Ghent? What helps you with that?

b) Select Problems

A challenge always consists of several sub-problems. Together with the experts, we choose a few sub-problems for which we will come up with solutions in the next phase.

Comon's approach

Curious how phase 2 'Explore Problems' fits within a complete Comon process? This timeline will get you started.


Phase 1
Collect Challenges
Phase 2
Explore Problems
Phase 3
Generate Solutions
Is active
Phase 4
Phase 5
Evaluate and Learn