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Phase 3

Generate Solutions

We brainstorm about technological solutions on a human scale. In collaboration with everyone who cares about Ghent.

a) Generate Solutions

Children are the most creative thinkers. During Young Inventors in Motion, primary school classes in Ghent come up with crazy ideas, which they craft into life-size inventions. During a Co-creation session, students together with experts brainstorm about new, out-of-the box solutions. Teams of students from all kinds of disciplines continue to work on this during the Make-a-Ton. Under the watchful eye of experts, they delve into the world of design thinking, fast prototyping and pitching, to create testable prototypes of innovative solutions. During a Desirability Debate we examine the solutions: will they really work, are they user-friendly, can everyone use them? At the end of the ride we put all solution ideas in the spotlight in a Solutions Expo in De Krook

b) Select Solutions

We are setting up a mini testing ground around one of the solutions from the Maakmarathon. A diverse team of inventors will work to further shape, test and implement a prototype.

Watch the video of the Make-a-Ton on understandable healthcare

Comon's approach

Curious how phase 3 'Generate Solutions' fits within a complete Comon process? This timeline will get you started.

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Phase 3
Generate Solutions
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