How can we make moving through the city more enjoyable?

Hoe kunnen we bewegen doorheen de stad plezieriger maken?

Over the past weeks, enthusiastic citizens of Ghent have shared vibrant ideas about encouraging people to engage in healthy movement. Central to many of these ideas? Making everyday movement more enjoyable. That's why Comon has chosen the challenge, "How can we make moving through the city more enjoyable?" Over the next year and a half, we will devise and test human centered technological solutions for this challenge. All together, because at Comon, everyone is an inventor.

Dancing from De Krook to the Gravensteen

We all move through the city. An ideal opportunity to stay active and healthy. Every step counts. When we traverse the city daily on foot, by bike, or in another active way, we lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle.

One big playground

Citizens of Ghent add that movement should also be enjoyable. Light projections that encourage you to take the stairs. Apps that map out the most pleasant, not the shortest, route for you. Balance courses, stepping stones in the water... In short, the city as one big playground.

Delfien Van Dyck
Our busy lives leave little room for exercise. That's why we should seize everyday habits like our commutes to get moving. Dancing from point A to point B. Why not? Or playing, like in play streets.
Delfien Van Dyck
Movement Scientist, Ghent University
Joyca Leplae
The new norm is walking and cycling. To make that dream a reality, moving in the city has to be pleasant, healthy, and safe.
Joyca Leplae
Mobility Expert, City of Ghent

Smart solutions for playful urban commuting

To the City of Ghent, this is an important experiment: "When we think of technology, we often think of screens and gadgets, but we can also use technology to encourage more movement. And if we want to reach many residents of Ghent, we don't have to look far. This isn't about intense sports but about our everyday movements through the city. If we make those more fun, Ghent residents will automatically move more." - Sofie Bracke, Deputy Mayor for Economy, Trade, Sports, and Port

Join Us: Share Your Expertise or Experience

At Comon, we will devise and test solutions to make moving through the city more enjoyable. All together. Researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, creative minds... Will you join us? Before we come up with solutions, we will first gather all expertise and experiences to gain insight into this challenge. For this purpose, we are organizing the following two events. Come and share your expertise or experience!

Exploration event

During this event, we will bring together people who have expertise about the challenge because of their professional or recreational activities. What solutions already exist? What works well? What doesn't? The goal of this event is to gather all expertise and gain insight into the challenge.

Dialogue Tables

During this event (only in Dutch), we will bring together a mix of Ghent citizens with diverse backgrounds to have a dialogue about the challenge, based on each person's personal story. What are your experiences? What makes it still challenging, in your opinion? The goal of this event is to gather all experiences and dreams and gain insight into the challenge.